IBS Group consists of three companies:
1. IBS established in 2001.
2. IBS-Broker established in 2003.
3. IBS-Trucking established in 2003.

The main activities of the Company:
- Forwarding and freight forwarding from Saint Petersburg, Tallinn, Nakhodka, Vladivostok ports
- Freight operations, conventional and container transportations all over the world
- Door-to-Door delivery by sea, railway and trucks
- Customs clearance, including customs broker services
- Logistics and consultation services
- Supervision services

Our clients are Accomet Corp., Alimar Corp., Alcan International, Amalco Limited, Daewoo International, Daiki Aluminium Industry Co., Gerald Metals Inc., Glencore International AG, Hunter Douglas Metals, Henry Bath Inc., Intamex S.A., LG, Maramet AB, Mitsui & Co. Ltd , Mitsubishi Corp., Norilsk Nickel, RPL International, Sempra Metals Ltd., Russian non-ferrous and ferrous metal producers and others.
The team of IBS group consists over 70 staff members, most of them with high education and experience on the transport market, including other forwarding companies.

The company's number in Dan & Bradstreet database is 534895248 . The company is C2 rated.

Our representative offices are situated in Moscow , Novosibirsk , Ekaterinburg, Tallinn.

IBS Group
198184 Saint-Petersburg, Kanonersky ostrov, 8
Phone: +7 812 346-73-33
Fax: +7 812 346-73-34
e-mail: info@ibs-spb.ru

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